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Father Creates Comic Book Superhero For Son with Down Syndrome

Chip Reece created a comic book with a special super hero that his 7-year-old could relate to. His son Ollie was born with Down Syndrome and Chip is a huge comic book fan. The story and comic gained popularity and is now widely available. Watch the incredible story of this Fathers love for his son

Married Tech Billionaires Donate $165 million to Preserve a Pristine Stretch of California’s Coastline

Jack and Laura Dangermond donated $165 million dollars which is the single largest philanthropic gift The Nature Conservancy says it has ever received. The money will go to permanently protect an iconic, pristine stretch of California’s coastline in Santa Barbara County. “The land includes eight miles of coastline and centuries-old coastal oaks and is home to at least 39 species of threatened or special status.” Read about this couple’s story here.

Santa Brings Joy To Children in Puerto Rico

Manny Rivera dresses as Santa every year, but this year he is especially needed in his community in Puerto Rico. Watch as he brings kids hope and helps them forget their troubles for at least one day.

Football Coach Lets Homeless Player Live at His House

Watch the amazing video of a coach and his family embracing a young player, helping him get back on his feet by offering him a place to live and a family to be a part of.

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