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Celebrities Share in Video for Mental Health Awareness Month

Celebrities share about their experiences with mental health as part of Child Mind Institute’s #MyYoungerSelf campaign. These celebrities all have various lived experience with mental health and talk about what they would tell their younger self. This video dispels common myths about mental health and also is very encouraging to anyone struggling with mental health issues of any kind. Watch it here.

Boys Are Taught to Respect Women in Kenya

No Means No Worldwide is an organization teaching “consent classes” in Nairobi, Kenya where 1 in 4 girls are sexually assaulted. They have been able to reduce that rate of assaults by 50%, and “boys successfully intervened when witnessing an assault 74% of the time.” This program also teaches young girls self-defense. Watch this video to see just how effective the program has been in Kenya.


This Invention Could Help Save Disaster Victims

The Dazzle Box won first place at the 3M Disruptive Design Challenge where college students were tested to design a container that “could successfully deliver needed medical supplies if air dropped in the midst of a natural disaster.” Many times air drops are not effective at delivering all the supplies necessary because of harsh landings, flooding and a myriad of other problems. Watch this video to see how these students solved the problem.

The EU Will Ban Bee-Harming Pesticides

European agricultural fields will be free of the most common pesticides “within 6 months in order to protect both wild and honeybees.” These pesticides pose a serious risk to bees, which in turn poses a serious risk to our food supply as bees are responsible for pollinating so many fruits, vegetables and pretty flowers that we love. Bees were instrumental in helping “produce around $19 billion worth of agricultural crops in the US alone in 2010.” Click here to learn more and save the bees.

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