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Baltimore School Teaching Kids How to Solve World Hunger

Students at the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute are taking a ‘aquaculture’ class where they learn a combination of environmental chemistry, biology and engineering in their aquaponic laboratory. They are raising different varieties of fresh water fish, and the water allows them to grow vegetables, creating a sustainable agricultural practice. “The class is learning a better way to feed everyone in the world,” said Franklin Portillo, 17, who is so interested in the process that he stays after school to help keep the system running properly.  Read the whole story here. 

Improv Class Can Aid in Communication for Those with ASD

In Chicago, an organization called The Second City is offering improv classes specifically for people on the autism spectrum. “Some psychologists say they’ve seen therapeutic benefits of improv, not only for some of the challenges associated with autism, but also for people with anxiety and depression.” More research is needed to understand exactly how this can be beneficial to many groups of people, but experts are saying improv offers an opportunity to practice communication skills. Read the full article here to understand the benefits this has for a wide range of people.

House in New York Providing Hope and Care for War-Torn Kids

The Global Medical Relief Fund provides hope and care for children whose “lives have been ravaged by war, natural disasters and inhuman attacks by humans.” The nonprofit was started 20 years ago and has helped more than 200 children from 44 countries to reclaim their lives. Read about the incredible impact they are having on children in need.

Middle School Student Drives School Bus to Safety After Driver Has Medical Emergency

Karson Vega noticed his school bus driver started swerving on the road, and he took action. He realized the driver was experiencing some kind of medical emergency so he turned on the bus flashers and jumped into the driver’s seat, driving the bus two miles to the nearest stop. Read the whole story of how this kid helped keep all his fellow students safe.

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