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Amazon Shipping Mistake Leads to Stranger Helping 3-Year-Old with Rare Disease

Nicole Shen received a package from Amazon last week containing valuables that were not hers. In the process of Shen tracking down the package’s rightful owner on Facebook, the owner noticed on Shen’s profile that her 3-year-old son needed a bone marrow match and was suffering from a rare disease called Shwachman–Diamond syndrome. In thanks to Shen for tracking him down, he decided to get swabbed and took it upon himself to advocate for this toddler encouraging others to see if they were a match as well. Read the inspiring story here.

Mom’s Plea on Facebook for Son with Autism Goes Viral

Aidan Aguilar is a teenager with autism whose mom felt he needed more encouragement for his birthday because of bullying and various challenges he was going through. She posted a request on Facebook for her son to get birthday cards to encourage him, and she received over 1,400 cards from strangers all over the world. Since then, it has become a tradition, and the local police department is also in on the celebration of the life of this teenager. Read the whole story here.

Small Ski Hill Raising Up Little Olympic Hopefuls

A father and former schoolteacher created Cochran’s Ski Area in the 1960’s for his kids. Four of his children became Olympians, and six of their kids made the U.S. Ski Team. They started a non-profit offering access to anyone so that upcoming generations can practice and learn as they did at an affordable price. Watch the video of the family and their “little hill with a big heart.”

Homeless Veterans Get Tiny Home Village to Live In

Veterans Community Project provides tiny homes for vets. The charity was started by veterans to end homelessness for veterans. It’s completely funded by donations from the local community and is changing lives. Watch the incredible video here.

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