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Kate Winslet Helps Save Stage IV Cancer Patient’s Life

Gemma Nuttall was sixteen weeks pregnant when she found out she had a tumor on her ovary. Instead of starting treatment right away, she opted to keep her baby and start treatment after she delivered the baby at 36 weeks. She then found out that the cancer had also spread to her lungs and brain and was given a few months to live. In her desperation, she started a GoFundMe so that she could do immunotherapy in Germany. Actor Kate Winslet heard the story and decided to raise funds herself with former co-star Leo Dicaprio. Gemma got the treatment she needed and was able to make a full recovery. Click here to learn all about the incredible story of how this woman beat cancer.

LA Installs Happy Parking Meters that Help the Homeless

Los Angeles is following a trend that some other cities have already adopted by adding parking meters that allow people to donate money to help homeless people get into housing. In the city of Pasadena, they have already helped get housing for 20 people. Hear more about this clever way of raising money for a great cause.

Teacher Becomes an Icon Through His Comedy

Eddie Brown is a sixth grade science teacher who started posting videos of himself making fun of his frustrations and the tortures of the job. Many teachers could relate and his videos quickly became viral sensations that have lead to him doing comedy shows that also advocate for teachers. See how this teacher became an icon among educators.

TSA Screener and Cancer Survivor Serenades People at Airport

Sarah Jacobs has been playing the piano at her church for some time, but when she was diagnosed with breast cancer she decided she needed to play more often. On her breaks at the airport, this TSA screener started spreading her pleasant tunes by playing piano for the people there. This has not only helped her cope through battling cancer but is bringing joy to all those who hear her music.

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