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A French Engineer’s “Igloo” Invention Is Helping the Homeless Stay Warm

A French engineer invented “igloos” made of special foam material for homeless people to brave the winter months, especially during the recent sub-zero temperatures in Europe. The igloo shelters provide insulation and keep the inside 60 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. See how this engineer took action to help thousands of people stay warm.

Hollywood Man Is Walking with People For $7 an Hour

Chuck McCarthy lives in Hollywood and offers a service to walk and talk with people for $7 dollars an hour. He says it’s to provide two therapeutic benefits at once – exercise and conversation. Watch him walk with people in this “60 Second Doc”.


University Students Spend Spring Break Serving the Elderly

A group of Miami University students chose to spend time with elderly at a memory care facility. The group created art amongst other activities with the seniors. The students expressed that they received so much more from the experience than they gave. Watch the video here.

Non-Profit Turns Bed and Breakfast Into Business for Adults with Disabilities

A nonprofit organization in Waterloo, Illinois bought a bed and breakfast and is turning it into a group home for adults with developmental disabilities. The B&B will be operated by three adults with developmental disabilities, with two of the five rooms serving as traditional bed and breakfast rooms. “We really want the people we serve to take the lead in what they want to do in their lives,” Laskowski said. “It’s a great opportunity, as it offers a lot of different jobs.” They will offer different employment options “like housekeeping, laundry, culinary arts, event planning and landscaping.” Click here to read the full article.

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