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Good News” articles to provide you with inspiration and hope that there is still good in the world. People from all walks of life are making an impact by doing good, and so can you!

16-Year-Old Boy Helping Homeless People Get Jobs

16 year-old Kevin Barber started a program in San Diego that employs homeless people to help clean up the city’s streets. He was inspired by a TED Talk with a similar idea. “It just looked really simple, and the statistics were staggering,” the high school junior told CNN. They call it Wheels for Change and already have a waitlist of over 150 names. Read the whole story here.

Dogs Showcase Life-Saving Skills for Disabled Owners

At the world’s biggest dog show, specially trained dogs showed off skills that can save the lives of their disabled owners. They are trained not just to help the blind as a guide dog, but “also to recognize a variety of sounds for the deaf or detect the signs of an impending epileptic fit.” Read the article to learn just how smart these four-legged friends really are.


Dry Cleaners Provide Free Prom Dresses for Girls Who Can’t Afford Them

This dry cleaning company donates dresses, jewelry, and handbags to those girls less fortunate. They have provided thousands of dresses over the years. Watch the inspiring video here.

16-Year-Old Girl Is Youngest in History to Ski to North Pole

Jade Hameister, a 16-year-old Aussie, took on the Polar Quest, skiing to the North and South Poles. When she made this decision, she didn’t even know how to ski. She accomplished her goal and has inspired many people in the process. Read the whole article to see all the challenges she had to overcome along the way.

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