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12-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Gets Free Lifetime Gym Membership

A 12-year-old Syrian boy was staring longingly into a gym window in Turkey with all his shoe shining gear in tow. The image was captured and posted on social media where it went viral. The owner of the gym was so moved by the image and the boy’s story that he offered him a lifetime membership to the gym. Click here to see the full story.

Celebrity Responds to Twitter Insult By Paying for Man’s Medical Bill

Sarah Silverman has been openly discussing politics with people of differing viewpoints than her. On a recent post she was called a sexist slur, but instead of lashing out, she looked into this man’s situation and saw that he was in pain and in difficult circumstances. She encouraged him and gave him some loving positivity, including paying for a medical bill. He was moved by the whole experience. Read about the whole exchange here.

Student Helping Food Pantries Get Proper Donations

Maria Rose Belding has been volunteering at food pantries since she was 5 years old. As she grew up into a teen, she recognized serious issues with the system and saw how much food was wasted and how the pantry struggled to get the food that was needed. With the help of a college friend, she launched MEANS, a nonprofit communications platform for emergency food providers and donors. In three short years they have reached people in 49 states in the U.S. and helped recover 1.6 million pounds of food.

Using Only One Arm This Girl Is One of the Best Archers in the World

16-year-old Faith Oakley experienced a birth injury that caused nerves in her right arm to be pulled away from her spine. She cannot use the arm as a result. She was encouraged as a young girl to try archery and, with much practice and determination, she is now ranked among the top archers in the world in her division. She has a unique way of using her bow and arrow. See her full story here.

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