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11 Year-Old Boy Donates 176 Presents to Children’s Hospital

Nolan, 11, decided to give Christmas presents to a children’s hospital after hearing an advertisement on the radio for the hospital. He asked his parents how many gifts the hospital gets and learned that they didn’t get as many as him. “I want them to forget about what’s gonna happen next…to forget about all that and live a normal, happy life,” Nolan said.

Neighborhood Puts On Christmas Light Show for Boy with Cancer

Benicio Martinez, a middle schooler, shaved his head to support and raise money for childhood cancer research. Shortly after this, he was diagnosed with cancer himself. His neighbors donated money to his favorite charity and also decorated their houses with Christmas lights in his honor, saying “Benicio Strong”. Watch the video documenting this extraordinary display of community support.

Volunteers Wrap Gifts to Raise Funds for Various Causes

In Columbia, Maryland various nonprofit organizations and people looking to support different causes wrap presents to raise funds. It has become a local tradition for the past five years that has helped raise more than $40,000 dollars.

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