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Working Student Receives $400 Tip and Even Brighter Future

Cayla Chandara is a college student who also works as a waitress in Hawaii. She struck up a conversation with an Australian couple about her situation, and they tipped her 200%, which came out to $400! After seeking out the couple to thank them with a card and special dessert delivered to their hotel, Cayla was extended an even more gracious offer that she would have never imagined. Hear the incredible story of how this couple decided to set the young waitress up for a bright future.

Airline Employee Goes Above and Beyond for Young Man with Autism

Russell is a young man with autism who does motivational speaking. When he missed his connecting flight, he began experiencing tremendous stress and broke down in the airport. Seeing Russell in turmoil, a compassionate American Airlines employee went way above and beyond his job to make sure Russell was well accommodated and made it to his destination.  Read about this inspiring story that went viral.

93 Year-old Fulfills Dream to Ride Harley Davidson

Mildred Garrison was able to live her dream. She got to ride on a Harley Davidson motorcycle thanks to a nonprofit organization, Wish of A Lifetime, that specializes in granting senior citizens’ wishes. Watch her go on the ride of her life.

Famous Chef Cooks 45,000 Meals a Day for Puerto Rico

Celebrity chef Jose Andres has brought nourishment and hope to Puerto Rico. His goal through his nonprofit, World Central Kitchen, is to give away 100,000 meals a day. He stated, “We have big dreams, because people have big needs.” Hear more about the extraordinary efforts being made to help the people of PR.

Vegas-based Airline Offered free Flights for Victims of Shooting

Allegiant Airline is a Vegas-based airline that provided help to all those who needed to get to or from Las Vegas during the tragedy. This kind gesture from the airline helped hundreds of victims and their families who were affected.

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