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Detroit Boxer Fights For His Community With Innovative After-School Program

Khali Sweeney founded the Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program to help kids struggling in school get ahead and succeed. This program incorporates boxing with tutoring and education.  Before any of these kids step into the ring, Sweeney says they have to do their homework and study. Learn more about this incredible story and how he is changing his community for the better. 

Women in Saudi Arabia Are Taking the Wheel With the End of Driving Ban

This is a big moment in Saudi Arabia for women as they will now be able to drive.  The end of this ban against female drivers is the start of equality – something women have been fighting for in this country for quite some time.  Learn more about how this is helping empower women.

Pitbull Uses Private Plane to Save Puerto Rican Cancer Patients

As an estimated 1.5 million people in Puerto Rico are without any access to drinking water and other necessities, people are banding together to help out in a number of ways. “Thank God we’re blessed to help. Just doing my part,” said recording artist Pitbull, showing that he is much more than just a rapper. Read about how he is helping rescue cancer patients so they can receive treatment in the US.

San Jose State Spartans Football Gets Surprised By Ellen DeGeneres For Going “Beyond Football”

Ellen Degeneres was very generous, giving $25,000 to the assistant coach’s program called “Beyond Football”. Watch the excitement from the whole team getting the surprise of a lifetime.

Teenager Suffers Heart Attack, and a Stranger Saves His Life

At a restaurant in Michigan, a teenage boy suffered a near-fatal heart attack. Susan Pendygraft saw this happen and immediately stepped in and performed CPR.  Hear more about this incredible act of heroism that saved this boy’s life.

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